A flexible, integrated and data driven approach

Increase cyber productivity by 30%

Our ML/AI-native API-enabled orchestrator

Rigid, disjointed cyber solutions? 

Manual processes and a backlog of cyber GRC work? 

Need to identify process improvements?

Integrate, orchestrate and AI enable all cyber processes and technology, embrace change, and thrive in a dynamic environment, without rigid disjoined solutions, manual processes, and overworked cyber teams. 

Key Benefits

Flexible, integrated and data drive approach

Standardise processes and remove errors

Cyber Workforce Management

Track performance and identify bottlenecks

Elevate GRC as a
strategic enabler

Compose and orchestrate cyber outcomes


CyberCOMPOSER™ is an advanced AI enabled orchestrator that can integrate and hyperautomate all cyber processes and technology.

BPMN Modeller

Cyber tasks, data flows, and interactions between disparate processes and systems are documented in a graphical Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) modeller. Advanced AI automated workflows can integrate with your IT and cyber ecosystem using our CyberSYNC™ integration module.

GRC Navigation

As well as being able to operate as individual modules, our capabilities as well as external cyber solutions can be orchestrated from within defined workflows, creating standardised measurable processes. The orchestration can be manual, automated, API-enabled, or driven by advanced AI agents.

ML/AI enabled

CyberCOMPOSER™ can hyperautomate using 30+ machine learning algorithms covering classification, regression, anomaly detection, clustering, time-series, attribute importance, association rules, feature extraction, row importance, ranking, text mining, as well as statistical functions, python libraries, and private generative AI capabilities in Cohere. Customers can import and run ONNX models within workflows.

Workforce Management

Measure overall duration and effort for cyber security governance processes as well as individual steps and differentiate between active and idle time for cyber advisors. Prioritise cyber services and set team goals. Track cyber team, service and individual performance against formal or informal SLAs and identify internal and resourcing or external stakeholder bottlenecks, as well as identify process improvement opportunities.

Audit Trails

Every process, decision point, and step in a cyber governance workflow is automatically logged, providing the ability to track and regulate activities as they are being performed. This capability is especially useful for reporting, regulatory compliance, and overall internal customer satisfaction. Internal customers can be given the exact process, decisions and steps that were taken to deliver a service or arrive at an assessment result.

REST API integration

CyberCOMPOSER™ includes process to process communication steps and has two-way REST API integration. Internal and customer defined ML/AI models, python functions, and external REST enabled services can trigger or advance workflows or be triggered themselves from workflow steps. ML/AI and python functions are executed in the underlying Oracle EXADATA environment and can be invoked in a data-parallel and task-parallel manner.

How CyberCOMPOSER™ can help

CyberCOMPOSER™ can help Cyber Security GRC Managers and Specialists that have:

Cyber Resource Constraints

You may have an overload of cyber governance work due to a digital transformation strategy or a largely distributed IT environment combined with a GRC skill shortage.

Risk Management Obligations

You may need to comply with multiple regulatory obligations that require multiple point solutions that are not integrated and do not provide a real-time view of risk.


CyberCOMPOSER™ is a core module in the HyperGRC™ platform that is required to support composable GRC. It can integrate with any process and technology using our CyberSYNC™ integration module.

Experience CyberCOMPOSER™

Achieve a 30% more productive cyber team

BPMN Modeller

Document and hyperautomate our standard cyber security governance processes or build and run your own.

GRC Navigation

Increase advisor productivity by navigating directly to system screens and automatically tracking task completion.


Hyperautomate using 30+ included machine learning algorithms, python libraries, and Cohere private generative AI.


Communicate between workflow steps and our/your ML/AI models, python functions or external REST enabled services.

Audit Trails

Automatically log process steps and decision points for reporting, regulatory compliance, and internal customer satisfaction.


Measure team, cyber service, and advisor performance, and identify process improvement opportunities.

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