A highly secure, scalable and extendable GRC architecture

Integrate, Automate and Innovate with Advanced AI at speed.

RESITEK™ – our unique HyperGRC™ architecture

Worried about cyber service resilience?  

Struggling with siloed cyber data? 

Want to integrate, automated or innovate with Advanced AI?

Ensure cyber survivability, integrate disparate cyber data sources, and innovate with advanced AI at speed, without worrying about supplier or data sovereignty, point solutions, or legacy technologies. 

Key Benefits

100% encrypted, automated security

Automated, always on, architected in security

100% Oracle managed zero trust, zero loss

Oracle Managed data centric Infrastructure

100% certified infrastructure

Public, Defence, or OnPrem Private Clouds


RESITEK™ is our highly secure and resilient data centric architecture entirely hosted in fully managed advanced AI native Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) services on Defence, Private or Public Clouds.

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) provides HyperGRC™ with an automated, always-on, and architected-in security, environment that is self-managing, self-securing, and self-repairing. The service includes zero-trust architecture, automated patching, always-on encryption and full-stack protection. All customers are secured by Oracle Virtual Private Database security. Along with Oracle high availability and hyperscaling, this gives us high resilience and Oracle guaranteed data security.

Oracle Database Services

Our modules (application code, customer data, system development tools and web services) are entirely data centric, hosted in Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) along with our/your ML/AI model storage. Oracle Database Services such as Oracle Analytic Services, Messaging and Integration Services, Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), Network and Security Services are leveraged to provide seemless integration with your ERM, ITSM, GRC, SecOps and Microsoft Azure / 365 Services.

ML/AI first

A key feature of HyperGRC™ is our/your ability in RESITEK™ to quickly adopt any advanced AI innovation in cyber security GRC and integrate directly into a CyberCOMPOSER orchestration and with minor configuration, into your cyber ecosystem. The Oracle Machine Learning (OML) environment in Oracle ADB provides direct access from RISK EXPRESS® to 30+ machine learning algorithms covering classification, regression, anomaly detection, clustering, time-series, attribute importance, association rules, feature extraction, row importance, ranking, text mining, as well as statistical functions, python libraries, and private generative AI capabilities in Cohere. Customers can also import and run ONNX models. Our CyberDESK™ multi-channel front door, CyberQUANT® risk quantification engine, and CyberCOMPOSER workflow automation are built in Oracle and Cohere Advanced AI and run on-demand in dedicated private Python execution environments in your account.


HyperGRC™ runs on Oracle Exadata Database Machines that are engineered to deliver dramatically better performance, cost-effectiveness, and availability for Oracle databases. Exadata features a modern cloud-enabled architecture with scale-out high-performance database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers with state-of-the-art NVMe flash, leading-edge storage cache using Exadata Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) memory (XRMEM), and cloud-scale RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) internal fabric that connects all servers and storage. Unique algorithms and protocols in Exadata implement database intelligence in storage, compute, and networking to deliver higher performance and capacity.

Hosting Options

HyperGRC™ can run in any Oracle EXADATA based hosting environment. As a SaaS offering it can be hosted on Oracle Public, Government and Defence Clouds, and as an on premise offering it can be hosted in an Oracle Customer private cloud, on premise EXADATA Cloud, or on Oracle RED Roving Edge Devices. Oracle Cloud offers hosting services from 46 public cloud regions in 23 countries. In addition, Oracle offers EU sovereign cloud regions; UK Government cloud regions, and US FEDRAMP, DoD, and US National Security cloud regions. In Australia, Oracle offers a Government / Defence cloud region certified for IRAP Protected workloads.

How RESITEK™ can help

RESITEK® can help Cyber Security GRC Managers and Specialists that have:

Integration and Resilience Needs

You may have a need for cyber survivability against advanced attackers, or need to integrate at real-time, scale and to edge.

ML/AI Innovation Needs

You may want to hyperautomate cyber governance processes using advanced AI or be an early adopter of new ML/AI innovations.


RESITEK™ is an integrated part of the HyperGRC™ platform and is used in CyberCOMPOSER orchestrations as well as ML/AI models. 

CyberCOMPOSER Orchestration

CyberCOMPOSER is our advanced AI orchestration engine that can streamline all cyber governance processes. With CyberCOMPOSER, our advanced AI capabilities and CyberSYNC, you can integrate any external services into a composed process inside HyperGRC™.

CyberSYNC Integration Services

CyberSYNC is the integration module in HyperGRC™ and includes low code application integration, service-oriented application integration, native data integration, ETL data integrations, event-driven triggers and serverless functions, and streaming integration.

Experience RESITEK™

Our highly secure and resilient underlying data centric architecture 100% managed by Oracle

Oracle ADB

Automated, always-on, and architected-in security that is self-managing, self-securing, and self-repairing.

Oracle Hosting

Oracle EXADATA based hosting on Oracle Public, Government and Defence Clouds, on premise, or at the Edge.


Hyperautomate using 30+ included machine learning algorithms, python libraries, and Cohere private generative AI.

Database Services

Oracle Database Services include Analytic Services, Messaging and Integration Services, REST services, and Security Services.

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