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Avocado Implementation Services

Avocado ( is an early-stage partner that recognises the transformational impact of MyRISK® alongside their other partners, CyberArk and Splunk, in delivering end-to-end cyber consultancy services to their customers.

Avocado has extensive experience in program delivery, from individual product and supplier, up to whole of enterprise or agency, or whole of sector, multi-million-dollar transformation initiatives across all major cloud services, data centre / infrastructure, and common security services and technologies.

Avocado consultants can provide implementation resources to configure HyperGRC and on-board cyber risk management, governance, and operational processes. Avocado’s HyperGRC™ Managed Service offers a design-build-operate HyperGRC™ installation in a secure and isolated Oracle Cloud or on-premises environment, with flexible CAPEX and OPEX cost control. Avocado can also provide cyber security professional services leveraging HyperGRC™ such as low-cost high-volume third-party risk and cyber security assessments.

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