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Confidently understand and communicate your cyber security risk and control environment, demonstrate business alignment, and optimise cyber security risk return on investment, without worrying about gaps in knowledge, lack of expertise, or variation in quality.

Key Benefits

Cyber Security GRC in 1/10th of the time

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Build Stakeholder Confidence

Increase cyber visibility and eliminate errors

A Pathway to full Cyber Security GRC Automation

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MyRISK cyber security GRC is built by cyber risk practitioners for cyber risk practitioners, and out of the box includes third party risk management (TPRM), IT service management (ITSM), technology risk management, compliance management, control assurance, data security, and risk quantification functionality. NOTE: Some of the features mentioned on this page require additional modules in the new composable architecture.

Supplier GRC

MyRISK cyber security GRC has a deeper focus on supplier due diligence and supplier management. Manage all the supplier records including ownership, contract details, geographic coverage, references, support capability, external intelligence, financials, insurance cover, business criticality, and risk. Segment suppliers using criteria such as strategic value, revenue and risk. Record external cyber security score data. Import or export to a Vendor Relationship Management system.

IT Service GRC

All the cyber security GRC functionality you need for IT Service Management assurance. Record technical details such as data type. hosting arrangements, and service ownership. Import or export to a CMDB system. Record service cyber security risk meta-data - RTO, RPO, data classification, and CIA ratings. Record IT Assets as a high level MITRE platform architecture, for ML/AI simulations. Add custom fields and attach ITSM documentation or cyber security risk and control evidence.

All the Risk in GRC

Manage the whole cyber security risk (or other risk) management process. Record cyber security risks and issues (or any enterprise or IT risks and issues) using a good practice risk register. Maintain cyber security risk (or other risk) actions and see the full update history.

Organisational GRC

Record organisational business unit structures, and related critical business processes, or easily import from your ERP systems. Manage third party and fourth party structures. Aggregate cyber security (or other risk to the service, supplier, process, BU, or enterprise level.

How MyRISK can help

MyRISK can help Cyber Security GRC Managers and Specialists that have:

Unmanaged Service or Supplier risk

You may have an overload of Third-Party Risk Assessments, or a distributed IT environment with large scale and complexity.

Risk Management Obligations

You may need to comply with multiple overlapping frameworks, or need to retain audit, control assurance or compliance evidence.


MyRISK is a core module in the HyperGRC™ composable GRC platform and can easily integrate to ERM and ITSM services.

CyberDESK™ Front Door

CyberDESK™ is our ML/AI-native multi-channel Digital Assistant that can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and navigate cyber governance processes. Rather than build yet another IT front door inside your GRC platform, CyberDESK™ can streamline stakeholder collaboration, and along with CyberCOMPOSER navigate users through Cyber security GRC processes with potentially zero clicks.

IT Service Management

Using CyberCOMPOSER, MyRISK can integrate directly with your IT Service Management (ITSM) such as ServiceNow or JIRA, as well as your CMDB if it is different. You can record risks and issues in MyRISK and have the actions managed in JIRA. You can have the systems inventory in your CMDB used by MyRISK.

All the Control in GRC

Using the HyperGRC Assessment modules you can manage the whole cyber security (or other internal control) gap assessment, compliance, or control assurance process. Use multiple included control frameworks, add your own policy or control frameworks, or request one for free. Automatically map cyber security policy or control frameworks using our WikiModel advanced Explicit Semantic Analysis ML. Use our question library to quickly build questionnaires, and issue them to internal or external stakeholders via our external portal. Review responses and record questionnaire observations and findings. Conduct cyber security control assessments at any level of the organisation (service, business process, business unit, supplier, enterprise) by assessment period, and simply aggregate to different levels.

Enterprise Risk Management

You don't need to have one or the other. With MyRISK, CyberCOMPOSER orchestration and CyberSYNC integration you integrate with your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system such as OpenPages or Protecht. You can record cyber security risks and controls in MyRISK and manage aggregate risk in your ERM or perform cyber security GRC specific activities in MyRISK and operational risk activities in your ERM and sync between the two.

CyberCOMPOSER Orchestration

CyberCOMPOSER is the advanced AI enabled orchestration module in HyperGRC that can streamline all cyber governance processes. As well as being able to operate your GRC as a traditional transaction processing system, with CyberCOMPOSER you can see all your cyber security governance tasks to be done, and be automatically navigated to the appropriate system. In some cases, the whole process can be automated with our advanced AI agents.

CyberQUANT® Risk Quantification

CyberQUANT® is our risk quantification engine that uses multiple models like Open FAIR to measure cyber security risk and optimise cyber security investments. You can orchestrate control assessments from our assessment modules are use them in CyberQUANT® to quantify risk and prioritise risk remediation actions that can be managed in MyRISK or your ITSM system.

CyberSYNC Integration

Our HyperGRC modules including our MyRISK core cyber security GRC module, are entirely hosted in an Oracle Autonomous Database, and exposed directly to CyberCOMPOSER orchestrations and CyberSYNC integration services that are closely coupled to Oracle Integration Services, Oracle Machine Learning Services, and Oracle Analytics Services.

Experience MyRISK straight out of the box

Cyber Security GRC In 1/10th of the time


Measure organisational level cyber security at enterprise, supplier, business unit and critical process levels.


Record supplier entity, contract, service quality and cyber security controls out of the box using MyRISK.


Record IT service risk and control environments data as well as add your own custom fields and attach supporting evidence.


Use our Crown Jewels wizard to identify critical systems based on resilience and data risk, and hand pick the crown jewels.


Manage the whole cyber security risk management process including action management of the box using MyRISK.


Record control effectiveness against any control framework and map to another framework saving valuable time. (Requires our Assessment modules)

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