HyperGRC™ collaboration with Oracle

Oracle recently featured MyRISK® HyperGRC™ as a Customer Success Story entitled “MyRISK launches disruptive cybersecurity platform with Oracle APEX‘.“

In 2020, MyRISK® joined the Oracle for Startups program to gain added support for our application development and to help build our MVP. We were one of the first full-scale applications to tie APEX with Oracle Virtual Private Database, Oracle Machine Learning, and Oracle Visual Builder Studio in an innovative ML/AI-first API-first and security-first multi-tenant architecture we call RESITEK™.

Since then, Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud has quickly become the number 1 choice for running Generative AI workloads, due to having the highest performance, lowest cost GPU cluster technology in the world. NVIDIA themselves are using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as are 30 other AI development companies, including Cohere. 

The Oracle APEX development environment and Autonomous Transaction Processing ticked all the boxes for us—a low-cost, quick-to-market platform, inherently secure, and future-proof. 

HyperGRC™ uses a number of converged database features within Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to simplify cyber security data management, enhance security, and REST-enable all cyber governance data for faster customer integration. The Oracle platform also supports sophisticated machine learning capabilities, allowing us to tap prebuilt models within Oracle Machine Learning as well as build our own ML/AI capabilities directly into the database. This capability is a key differentiator, as we can quickly deploy new innovations in ML/AI automation for our customers, as well as include their prebuilt models into our platform. 

Our membership in the Oracle for Startups program gives us access to Oracle Machine Learning, Oracle Research and Data, and other Oracle Database teams. The collaboration continues to help accelerate development of the MyRISK® HyperGRC™ platform.



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