HyperGRC™ Revolutionising Cyber with the World First Composable GRC

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HyperGRC™ Revolutionising the Cyber Landscape with the World First Composable GRC Platform

HyperGRC™ offers a composable architecture and free-tier GRC.

Sydney, Australia – 7 May 2024 – HyperGRC™, an advanced AI leader in cyber governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, has taken a groundbreaking step by opening all application programming interfaces (APIs) within the platform and offering a free tier for the core risk management module. This transformative move positions HyperGRC™ as the world’s first and only composable GRC platform and sets a new standard for interoperability and customisation in the industry. This announcement reinforces HyperGRC’s commitment to digital trust, innovation, collaboration, and community.

The adoption of composable architecture by HyperGRC™ signifies a pivotal moment in the GRC industry’s evolution, empowering organisations to seamlessly orchestrate their unique GRC processes with diverse business systems, cyber security tools, point solutions, and even interoperability with rival GRC platforms, breaking down long standing silos and enabling a unified view of risks and compliance. A strategic partnership with Oracle and direct integration with Cohere, the leader in enterprise grade AI, ensures a robust foundation for HyperGRC’s delivery of this capability and the ability for customers to leverage advanced AI innovations easily and quickly within their composed GRC solution.

“We are thrilled to share this significant milestone in our journey toward revolutionizing the GRC industry,” said David Vohradsky, CEO of HyperGRC™. “Our open APIs and embrace of composable architecture represent a direct response to the evolving needs of our customers. We understand that GRC is integral to an organization’s overall business strategy. By embracing composability and interoperability, we empower our users to seamlessly integrate their GRC platform with existing systems and workflows, including cybersecurity, third-party risk management, and compliance tools. Our Oracle partnership and integration with industry leader Cohere further enhances our offering, providing unparalleled performance, security, and scalability, coupled with cutting-edge AI capabilities.”

The composable architecture offered by HyperGRC™ unlocks a multitude of possibilities:

  • Flexible Integration – HyperGRC™ offers seamless integration with current systems and data sources, such as ERP, CRM, cybersecurity tools, and various GRC platforms. It dismantles data silos, presenting a consolidated perspective of risk and compliance data throughout an enterprise. This integration grants access to real-time data and insights, facilitating more informed decisions.
  • Customisation and Extensibility – HyperGRC™ enables the customization and expansion of GRC to align with distinct industry or regulatory demands. It permits the addition, deletion, or alteration of modules to craft a bespoke solution that precisely meets specific organisation needs. As needs change, HyperGRC™ offers the adaptability to modify and enhance the GRC platform, guaranteeing consistent alignment with strategic goals.
  • Streamlined Processes – HyperGRC™ offers a unified platform that enhances collaboration among various departments and stakeholders. It streamlines communication and processes, ensuring a unified approach to risk management and compliance. This improved collaboration results in better alignment, increased efficiency, and a reinforced culture of risk awareness across the organisation.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the GRC space, our focus remains on empowering our customers and the wider GRC community,” added Vohradsky. “With our HyperGRC™ organisations can harness the full potential of a composability architecture, not just within their GRC platform but across their entire ecosystem of enterprise, IT and cyber solutions. We believe this level of interoperability will drive digital transformation and enable businesses to thrive in an era of constant change.”

HyperGRC™ continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the GRC space with the introduction of its composable GRC platform, marking a significant milestone in the industry. By embracing composable architecture, HyperGRC™ empowers organisations to seamlessly integrate their GRC processes with critical business systems, breaking down silos, and enabling a unified view of risks. Furthermore, the strategic partnership with Oracle and integration with Cohere, enhances the platform’s performance, security, and scalability, while also leveraging cutting-edge AI capabilities. This transformative approach positions HyperGRC™ as the world’s first composable GRC solution, helping organisations future-proof their cyber security strategies and adapt to the dynamic landscape of risk and compliance.

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