About Us

HyperGRC™ is an ML/AI-native GRC platform that can automate cyber security governance and risk processes. 

Our Story

Does your organisation struggle with tools for managing cyber risks as well? 

Consulting in cybersecurity for 20 years, we see many companies facing challenges from quantifying the risks up to being overwhelmed by the consequences of not properly handling threats to their operations. 

Using the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we created our initial system MyRISK® to enable companies to handle cyber risks easier and more efficiently. 

After starting in 2019 we became a member of the Oracle Startup Program to improve the solution. Based on that foundation, we built a smart cyber attack simulation engine together with the University of Wollongong in Australia. 

In 2022 we launched our full platform MyGRC™ at CyberCON, Australia’s biggest cyber security event in Melbourne. This solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance includes unique features like private Generative AI and a smart workflow computer environment. 

We leverage innovative technologies to enhance enterprise resilience and deliver cutting-edge services through collaboration, fostering trust, and harnessing industry knowledge. 

Our Platform

Cyber professionals want to increase visibility, save time, eliminate errors, and build stakeholder confidence in their cyber security services. Using HyperGRC™ those cyber governance professionals are back in control. 

 Since the beginning, HyperGRC™ has used Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate workflows and measure cyber risks. The DNA that fuels our product is called RESITEK™ (resilient technology). 

 Our platform can be configured in a 10th of the time compared to traditional methods. It can lower your stakeholder engagement costs by 40%, and give you 30% more productivity across the cyber governance team. 

 Committed to using the latest cyber security research and advanced technology, our main focus will always be helping customers innovate risk management challenges. 


Our Team

We’ve put together a team of experienced cyber practitioners, technologists, researchers and partners to ensure our platform is always at the forefront of applying data science to cyber governance, risk and compliance.

Our Partnership with Oracle gives us access to Oracle internal experts in Machine Learning and AI, APEX Development, R&D, and Cloud technology. This collaboration continues to help accelerate development of the HyperGRC™ platform.

Learn more here and at Oracle.

Our Mission

We believe every business should use the newest research and technology to stay strong in the digital world. We see ourselves as Australia’s innovators in cyber risk security, and we’ll keep improving HyperGRC™ based on what people in the industry say and what new research reveals.

To keep moving forward, we’ll earn trust by helping others, gain more knowledge through research, and work together with other businesses and smart people.

Our Founder

MyRISK® was founded by David Vohradsky, an internationally recognised cyber security risk leader with 40 years of technology experience.

David has postgraduate degrees in business and cyber security and holds CISA, CISM, CRISC, CPSE, CGEIT as well as PCIDSS QSA and PFI industry certifications. He is a member of the international ISACA® Information and Technology Risk Advisory Group, and his 2012 paper on Cloud Risk is cited in 20 international cyber security risk guidelines.

David is dedicated to applying research and innovation to cyber governance, risk and compliance

David Vohradsky (Founder)der

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