The world first composable GRC platform

HyperGRC integrates, orchestrates, and AI enables teams, processes and cyber solutions to streamline cyber governance, increase efficiency and enhance enterprise resilience.

What is HyperGRC?

Cyber security is more than just technology solutions – it’s about integrating disparate people, processes, and technology to create a cohesive unit. 

HyperGRC is the orchestrator, ensuring that these diverse components work together in harmony. By doing so, it can streamline cyber governance processes, increase team efficiency and effectiveness, and enhance cyber resilience.

We use advanced AI to integrate the cyber ecosystem, aggregate siloed data, automate cyber process, innovate, provide business insights, and quantify risk. 

With HyperGRC, organizations can make data-driven decisions and optimize their cyber security strategies.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to integration and orchestration. 

We don’t just connect the dots – we ensure that each element works together seamlessly, supporting and enhancing the overall cyber security framework. 

This composable nature of our platform allows organizations to adapt to changing needs and build a resilient cyber security posture.

Composable Architecture

Build a dynamic cyber security framework, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and obtain a unified view of cyber risks, without being overwhelmed by changes in the threat landscape, internal requirements, or technology capabilities.

Risk Quantification

Use scientifically proven methods and advanced AI to accurately assess and quantify cyber risks, determine the optimal investment program, facilitate buy-in, and secure necessary cyber funding, without relying on guesswork and vendor roadmaps, or missing emerging threats and business impacts.

Communicate with the business in dollar terms

Make informed cyber investment decisions

Prioritise and measure remediation actions

Streamlined Collaboration

Streamline GRC processes with workflow and advanced AI, enhance efficiency, obtain a unified view of cyber risks, and be able to focus on strategic initiatives, without struggling with complexity, duplication, or a shortage of skilled cyber resources.

Our Modules

Composable GRC is a transformative approach that leverages open API-enabled modules and orchestration to provide flexibility, adaptability and seemless integration. New modules are added regularly.

CyberCOMPOSER™ Orchestrator

Use this API-enabled module to integrate our modules with IT service management, cyber tools or even other GRC platforms, breaking down data siloes and providing a unified view of risk and compliance. Integrate any people, processes or technology.

CyberDESK® Digital Assistant

Use this API-enabled module to streamline stakeholder collaboration, hide service complexity, align with enterprise and IT processes, rebuild stakeholder confidence, and professionalise cyber services. Integrate using our CyberCOMPOSER™

MyRISK® Cyber Security GRC

Use our API-enabled core module to manage your suppliers, IT services, risks, issues and remediation actions. Expand as you need with our other modules using our CyberCOMPOSER™

CyberQUANT® Quantification

Use our API-enabled FAIR risk quantification engine to measure your IT and cyber risk in dollar value terms, build your business cases, and optimise security ROI. Integrate using our CyberCOMPOSER™


Use our API-enabled advanced AI to recall cyber knowledge, react to stakeholders, remind about tasks, record cyber actions, review the risk and control environment, as well as rate risks and controls.

CyberSYNC™ Integration

Use our API-enabled integration engine powered by Oracle, to connect to disparate database, big data, stream and event data, vector data, and application sources. Orchestrate with our CyberCOMPOSER™


Use our global partners to design, build, and deliver cyber security outcomes as a managed service. Swiftly respond to your business and threat environment as well as deploy an open solution that can be brought in-house or transferred later.

Cyberisk Network™

Use our global Cyberisk Network resources and expertise to augment your internal capability. We can help compose your unique cyber capabilities as well as help transform your cyber security governance, risk and compliance (GRC) function.

David Vohradsky (Founder)der

Head of Risk

Our CEO and Head of Risk, David Vohradsky is an internationally recognised cyber security risk leader with 40 years technology experience. 

Since 2005 he has been advising government agencies and private enterprises on cyber risk quantification, digital transformation assurance, and cyber security governance and risk frameworks.

David has postgraduate degrees in business and cyber security and holds CISA, CISM, CRISC, CPSE, CGEIT as well as PCIDSS QSA and PFI industry certifications. 

His paper “Cloud Risk – 10 Principles and a Framework for Assessment” (2012) is cited in 20 international cyber security risk guidelines including CIGREF (France), Spain SGF, and the Ontario Public Service. 

"In all organisations I see teams struggling with cyber tools that aren't integrated or automated. That's why I built HyperGRC™" 

In the Media

HyperGRC™ Revolutionising Cyber with the World First Composable GRC

HyperGRC™ Revolutionising Cyber with the World First Composable GRC

Press Release HyperGRC™ Revolutionising the Cyber Landscape with the World First Composable GRC Platform HyperGRC™ offers a composable architecture and free-tier GRC. Sydney, Australia – 7 May 2024 - HyperGRC™, an advanced AI leader in

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HyperGRC™ presented at Oracle User Group

HyperGRC™ presented at Oracle User Group

The MyRISK® Journey to develop HyperGRC™ was presented to the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) at their AUSOUG Connect 2023 one day event in Melbourne on 22  November 2023. The Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG)

HyperGRC™ showcased at CyberCON 2023

HyperGRC™ showcased at CyberCON 2023

MyRISK® was proud to be a sponsor of the Australian Information Security Association's (AISA) annual Cyber Conference from 17-19 October in Melbourne, Australia. The southern hemisphere's largest cyber security conference, CyberCON 2023, attracted over 5000

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